At Mtunzini, our Investigation Service offer a comprehensive approach to uncovering vital information, identifying risks, and resolving complex issues. With a team of seasoned professionals and advanced investigative techniques, we are committed to delivering reliable and actionable insights for informed decision-making and resolution.

What are Investigation Services

Investigation Services entail a meticulous process of gathering and analyzing critical data, conducting thorough inquiries, and examining evidence to uncover facts and truths. It involves a range of investigative methods, including surveillance, background checks, and forensic analysis, aimed at resolving legal, corporate, or personal matters with precision and integrity.

Why Investigation Services are Essential

Investigation Services play a crucial role in unveiling hidden truths, resolving disputes, and mitigating potential risks and threats. By leveraging a strategic combination of expertise and cutting-edge tools, these services empower businesses, organizations, and individuals to make informed decisions, protect their interests, and uphold the principles of transparency and justice, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for all.

Comprehensive and dependable Investigation Service Company

Are you searching for a way to investigate your worker or spouse and what they do when you are not around? We provide you the information that you are seeking coupled with the evidence and proof to reveal the true face of the matter.

Derrick kinder is an ex-policeman that served in various specialized Units of the South African Police Service. Derrick kinder has over 30 years of Consulting and Investigation experience, specializing in mitigating and responding to criminal threats.


We can provide you with the most accurate information in the following fields:

Derrick’s careful cultivation of sources and strategic partnerships within the Government sector and extensive knowledge of the SAPS and Department of Justice affords him the ability to pursue avenues of investigations not available to most in his field.

Bug Sweeping

We sweep and survey offices, boardrooms, residences to ensure that there is no listening, recording, video, or optical devices that could threaten your privacy.



We supply equipment, GPS trackers, mini cameras, voice recorders, spy phones and much more. We can customize any type of investigation so that you get the results that you are looking for. All our consultations are strictly confidential. 

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