Off-site Monitoring

Surveillance is changing the security landscape, as we know it, for homes across the country. Our ground-breaking smart detection technology keeps your business protected around the clock. Our smart detection technology also enables us to recognize incidents early and react immediately. The result always with the crime is prevented and the suspect arrested.

How does remote CCTV monitoring services work?

1. Live CCTV images are routed via your internet connection from your CCTV camera system onsite to the servers at our CCTV monitoring station.

2. Choose at the time of set-up whether you require the connection between our CCTV monitoring station and your security system to be live at all times or automatically switched on at the end of the working day.

3. Our CCTV monitoring station uses specially designed CCTV monitoring software to ensure that as soon as an alarm is triggered on your site or activity has been detected, a live feed of the incident gets routed to the screen of our highly trained security professionals.

4. Once connected to your live feed, our professional operators have full manual control over your active CCTV cameras, able to pan and zoom cameras, switch active cameras for a better view, and rerun recent footage.

If we identify risk to your site, we react immediately:
We contact the emergency services
We contact you (or the keyholder, depending on your security instructions) and we warn intruders, sending audio warnings via loudspeaker.

Nine times out of ten our loudspeaker warning is enough to drive the intruders away.

As our professional security staff are watching and reporting on live footage, emergency services will react immediately to investigate the issue. In comparison, if it was a static alarm signal, without any visual verification, the incident may be deprioritized, leading to longer response times and an increased potential for damage or theft.

Significantly more effective

You will have peace of mind that all your assets are safe and secure, always.

Considerably cheaper

Our offsite CCTV monitoring is a cost-effective guard replacement alternative. As we can integrate our technology into your existing CCTV cameras, this saves you from purchasing additional hardware.

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