At Mtunzini, we understand the critical role of Security Access Control in maintaining the integrity and safety of premises. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses and organizations, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.


What is Security Access Control?

Security access control is a crucial component of a comprehensive security system. It involves using various mechanisms and technology to regulate and monitor access to a specific area, building, or system. This control helps in ensuring that only authorized individuals are allowed entry, while unauthorized individuals are prevented from entering. Common elements of security access control include: Access Cards or Key Fobs: Access control systems often use cards or key fobs that individuals must present to gain access.

These can be programmed to grant different levels of access to different users. Biometric Identification: Some systems use biometric data like fingerprints, retinal scans, or facial recognition to identify and authenticate individuals. Keypad or PIN Entry: Users may need to enter a unique personal identification number (PIN) into a keypad to gain access.

Access Control Software: This software manages and records access permissions, tracks entry and exit times, and can be integrated with other security measures. Surveillance Cameras: Video cameras are often integrated with access control to monitor and record who enters and exits a location. Alarms and Notifications: Access control systems can trigger alarms or notifications in case of unauthorized access attempts. Overall, security access control plays a crucial role in safeguarding areas or resources and is commonly used in various sectors, including corporate, residential estates, and educational campuses

Access Control

We procure our products from the most trusted and renowned vendors. Further, we offer these products at reasonable rates and deliver these within the promised time frame. In addition to this, we are also involved in offering best-in-class biometric and CCTV system installation services.

At the gate

Keeping your premises safe starts with your entrances and exists. Visitor logbooks are outdated! Replace it with POPI compliant cutting-edge security solution, saving you, your visitors and security guards’ time.

On entry

Our security guard scans the license disc on the car upon arrival and the visitor’s driver’s license. An email will automatically be sent to the person who is expecting the visitor.

On Exit

Our security guard will scan the license disc again when the vehicle exits. All data is captured and stored in an easy-to-use back-end.

Returning visitors

Visitor management systems recognize returning visitors as all information is saved in secure cloud storage, POPI & GDPR compliant. Only authorized users can view captured data.  Visitors can be pre-registered online ahead of time, notifications are sent electronically when the visitor arrives 

Prevent Intruders

  • Flag blocked and false licenses for “no entry”.
  • Customize access rights for individuals at high-security points.

At Reception

Strengthen security while reducing costs with an advanced POPI-compliant commercial access control system. Industry-leading cloud-based commercial access control system. Modern, convenient, and secure.

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Biometric Authentication

Modern biometric control is now incredibly accurate, convenient, affordable and offers a great level of control.


  • Fast, these terminals work in as little as 0.5 seconds
  • No smart cards need to be handed out and collected
  • Very secure, a face or thumb cannot be duplicated or shared with a colleague

User friendly

No longer are plastic access cards a necessity, personnel, visitors, and staff can all be managed using a variety of biometric entry methods.

We have a range of contactless access systems that can be installed to minimize contact between your personnel. 

    • Facial recognition contactless entry terminals
    • Intercom systems for remote communication
    • General automation solutions for your business

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