With the advent of new technological developments, businesses tend to grow smarter, but they also face an increased risk of security breaches as well. Fortunately, access control systems offer several benefits that can help you to fight increased risks to your building’s security.

Improve building security.

An access control system can be used to limit access to specific areas, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter them. Particularly in multiple occupancy buildings, it’s often useful to tie the operation of elevators into the access control systems, so that users can only send the lifts to the floors occupied by the company for which they work. Equally as impressive– access control can also factor in the time of day and day of the week, meaning that staff who have access to a building or an office during typical working hours can be barred entry at other times.

Save money | Help your bottom line.

Once integrated with your current building management system, your access control system can begin to cut costs dramatically. The system will be able to show you which areas of the building are closed and what areas are in use, so that resources in the closed areas can be conserved, leading to lower heating, cooling, and electricity bills. Once you factor in the cost savings associated with not replacing locks from missing keys as well as the additional security that prevents financial losses, it’s quite clear that access control systems can really help your bottom line.

Manage access from any computer that can access the network.

Your facility manager and security team will have remote access to your building, which will inevitably save time and money. Access control systems can be controlled under one intuitive interface, which streamlines facility management. Consider this: in the event of a large influx of visitors, the security team could easily grant access to the facility without issuing a bunch of keycards–they can simply grant access from their remote location. Since all parameters of the access control system are stored on a centrally managed database, you can access them from any computer, as long as it can connect to the network.

You don’t have to worry about losing a key.

Since access control doesn’t necessitate a physical key, you never have to worry about losing your key or forgetting it somewhere and locking yourself out of your business. The code is individualized by user, not by door, so the same key code will grant you access anywhere you need it. If you are operating a business, providing new employees with a key is as simple as programming them a new key code.

Keys can’t be duplicated.

You won’t ever find the need to duplicate keys once you’ve installed an access control system– in fact, you couldn’t even if you tried. This means that thieves can’t steal, duplicate, and return employee key cards, and that employees themselves can’t stealthily make copies of company keys for unsavory activities. Again, access control systems offer an unprecedented level of security.¬†

History logging helps investigations.

Access control systems provide users with added security and greater peace of mind, as every time access is granted to your property it is logged and recorded for later review (if this becomes necessary). This small feature becomes invaluable if there is an investigation of vandalism or theft, or even for simply tracking the activities of suspicious employees that you want to keep an eye on.

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