Property Security: The Pitfalls of Non-Compliant Security Companies

The private security industry faces a significant threat from non-compliant security companies, often referred to as “fly-by-night” operators. These companies employ various tactics to avoid statutory costs and exploit the Labour force. It’s crucial to understand the implications of hiring non-compliant security companies.

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Student Accommodation Security


Ensuring the safety and security of students in accommodation facilities is of utmost importance. To address the unique security challenges associated with student housing, it’s crucial to adopt a proactive and comprehensive security approach.

Here are some key security considerations tailored to student accommodation:

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What are the top benefits of access control systems?

With the advent of new technological developments, businesses tend to grow smarter, but they also face an increased risk of security breaches as well. Fortunately, access control systems offer several benefits that can help you to fight increased risks to your building’s security.

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The right security solution removes the opportunity: In today’s environment, public threats to shopping centers are more prevalent than ever, making it essential to maintain a safe shopping experience for your patrons. A professional security presence within your retail center can serve as a highly effective deterrent against criminal activities. At Mtunzini, our retail security officers are trained to provide vigilant, professional, and courteous security services for your shopping center, ensuring shoppers feel safe while discouraging and preventing unwanted incidents.

Prioritizing Opportunity Removal: Theft, whether internal or external, thrives on opportunities. Retailers can bolster security by investing in advanced surveillance systems, and robust access control.

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