Mtunzini Group’s Guarding service follows the standardized Private Security Regulation grading system, which ranges from Grade A to Grade D. This system mandates that security guards must undergo registration before commencing their duties. The grading of guards ensures that their qualifications, skills, and training align with the specific security requirements of the environments they are tasked to protect. 

Mtunzini‘s guarding services encompass vigilant, skilled security personnel dedicated to protecting assets and ensuring a secure environment. With a proactive approach to surveillance and risk mitigation, our guards uphold the highest standards of professionalism, delivering peace of mind and safeguarding the integrity of every premise.

What is Guarding

Guarding refers to the deployment of trained security personnel to monitor, protect, and secure premises, assets, and individuals from potential security risks and threats. These security professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the enforcement of security protocols, maintain surveillance, and implement preventive measures. Guarding encompasses a diverse range of duties, including patrolling, access control, incident response, and emergency management, all of which contribute to the overall safety and security of the designated area.

Why Guarding is Essential

Guarding plays a pivotal role in maintaining a secure and protected environment, offering a tangible layer of defense against various security challenges and risks. The presence of vigilant guards acts as a visible deterrent, dissuading potential intruders and wrongdoers from engaging in criminal activities. Moreover, the proactive nature of guarding not only prevents security breaches but also ensures swift and effective response to any security incidents or emergencies that may occur. By upholding a strong and reliable guarding system, businesses and organizations can instill a sense of safety and confidence among employees, customers, and stakeholders, fostering a conducive and secure atmosphere for all.

Our Range of Services

We provide security guards for a diverse array of sectors, including corporate, commercial, tertiary education, student accommodation, residential, industrial and manufacturing, retail, hotels, and hospitality. Furthermore, we offer security guards for visa centers, embassies, and government departments.

Guard Tour Monitoring System

Are you in search of a reliable night guard who never sleeps? We fully understand the importance of maintaining continuous vigilance in security. Our Guard Tour Monitoring System establishes predefined patrol routes for security guards, strategically covering all critical areas and vulnerable spots. Equipped with GPS-tracked devices, our guards electronically log their activities and checkpoints, with real-time updates transmitted to our 24/7 control room. This system eliminates complacency, ensuring that our security guards remain alert and aware under constant scrutiny.


Short-listed guards undergo comprehensive security industry tests and thorough background checks, including criminal and qualification checks. Moreover, we actively seek highly qualified, tech-savvy guards who have custom training tailored for specific environments. We also provide on-site training and conduct regular refresher courses to maintain their skills and knowledge.

Adherence to Compliance and Industry Standards

We strictly adhere to the guidelines set by industry regulations, including the Private Security Industry Regulation Act, the Firearms Control Act, and the Workers Compensation Fund, among others. Our remuneration of security guards fully complies with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Our unwavering commitment to compliance ensures that our operations consistently meet the highest standards of professionalism, legality, and ethics.

Anti-Bribery Policy

We actively promote the reporting of any attempts at bribery, fostering a culture of transparency and integrity. We generously reward security guards for reporting all forms of bribery, strengthening our relationships built on trust, reliability, and unwavering values. Additionally, as an incentive, guards are also rewarded for each arrest they make or facilitate.

To ensure client maximum security we exercise

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